03 June 2014

Lauren and Max Engagement

I had the pleasure of working with this lovely couple and would like to share a few of my favorites :)

Sometimes you can tell when a couple is in love, this is definitely one of those times!

They're getting married in September and plan to have a big wedding later on. I look forward to seeing them grow and be in love!

Congratulations Lauren and Max and I wish you many years of love and happiness!

24 May 2014

Hula Hoop Passion

As I'm sure you're well aware of, I am in love with photography. What I haven't been able to share much is my serious passion for hooping. Or hoopdance. Or just plain ol' hula hoops. I've been out of commission for almost a year since I sprained my ankle, so I just started to hoopdance again. I'm soooo out of practice, but now that I've been doing it every day, I'm improving again. This makes me happy. Mar, photography, and hooping.

The amazing owl hoop I played with came from the lovely people at Hoops and Heady Treasures! They're so great and keep in contact with customers very well. My only issue is the material of the hoop. It's made out of polyethylene (PE) and is 38". I don't think I would get a hoop this big made out of PE ever again. It doesn't hold a circular shape at all. I think a smaller one would hold much better. Maaaaybe I'll get one that's 34" to 36". I love it, despite the issue with shape-holding.

I'm trying to pick up a new hoop (or two) once a month in support of small businesses and my hoop addiction. I seriously hope I can get two white LED hoops like this one. Although my dream hoop is the PHOTON HOOP by Battery Dude. Look at that beautiful piece of LED glowing goodness! LOOOK AAAT IIIIT.

Ok, see you later. :)

23 May 2014

Walker - Not the Zombie Kind

We've got a walker in our midst (almost)! She's taking anywhere from 3 to 10 steps by herself and it's amazing! Every day she improves :) It's been about a month that she's been practicing walking on her own and we're taking our time - because I kind of love carrying and wearing my baby. I'm excited to see her at the beach in the next couple weeks. I feel like she will be more comfortable and probably walking! Expect many pictures. 

When she first started walking a little on her own (one or two steps here or there) I jokingly called her "Walker Texas Ranger." The nickname stuck. YaYa and I call her that every time she starts walking on her own. Crazy child.